Pride Flag Raising Aug. 3

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Fredericton Pride Flag Raising:

Hosted: Fredericton Pride

Date: Friday, 3 August 2012

Time: 12 pm

Location: City Hall (397 Queen Street)

Another one of those events that are almost unmissable, watch with us as the Pride Flag ascends and soars proudly overhead at City Hall. The tradition set down by our Fredericton Pride Forfathers and Mothers continues today, and we would love your attendance.

We work with City Hall to ensure that the brief ceremony ocurrs at noon, so as many people can scoot out of the office on their lunch breaks as possible (we wish we could host one for everyone’s lunches too!). Make sure though that you get there around 15 mins prior (11:45 am) so that you don’t miss anything by mistake.

Though it is only a short event, there is always a good crowd of well wishers to talk with afterwards should you want to continue the warm-fuzzies a little longer before you head back to the salt mines. And who doesn’t want a photo they’ve taken themselves of the Pride Flag for thier “Pride Week Display Pic”?

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