Pride on Queen Street Aug. 11

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UPDATE: Adrian Park is Grand Marshall for 2012

This year the Fredericton Pride Parade 2012 is being held on Saturday, August 11, beginning at 1 PM.

Starting at the staging area behind Fredericton City Hall (371 Queen Street), [ed. the City Hall Parking Lot] we will be travelling left onto the street, continuing on past the intersections until we arrive at the Fredericton Pride Festival already in progress. Keep your eyes posted for set-up times, though the Parade is set to start at 1pm. Please note that as we will be using the area as a staging platform, the barricades to that parking lot will be down prior to the start of the parade so that we can line all you fun people up. Once the parade leaves the area they will be put back up to allow parking. The best place to park therefore is the lot behind the library just off of Queen Street (12 Carleton Street) as this lot finishes just behind Officer’s Square, where the Festival is.

As in previous years, the Fredericton Pride Festival will be starting at 12 noon in Officer’s Square (549 Queen Street), and will be welcoming the Parade shortly after 1pm. The Festival is with live music, artisans with booths, food vendors, and more!

Please check the Fredericton Pride Facebook page for information, as it is the most up-to-date.

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