Qulture Shock: Hoot and Peep

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Watch out, Fredericton! It’s the Hoot & Peep Mini Performance Festival, live on Queen Street, in the heart of downtown.

Performances will presented live daily in the Owl’s Nest Bookstore storefront windows, from 10am-1pm and from 1-4pm, featuring a roster of eight different performance artists enacting a wide variety of provocative scenes, all on the theme of sexuality studies.

The Hoot & Peep Mini Performance Festival intends to not only shake up the snowy downtown streets of Fredericton, but also to raise awareness about the upcoming Salon Connex, a partnership project between the Charlotte Street Arts Centre and Gallery Connexion, to inspire critical dialogue about the content of the exhibitions hosted at Gallery Connexion.

Hoot & Peep performers include:
Jo Griffith
Megan MacKay
Amanda Jardine
Candace Mooers
Joe Blades
Shaun Bartone
Cynthia Ryder

Come indulge your inner voyeur, and take advantage of this rare opportunity to witness edgy performance art in Fredericton!

****The performances:

Decolumnization by Amanda Jardine will explore the expected disconnect between theory and sexuality in the academic community by using live creative nonfiction writing (in column form) to bridge this gap.

Blue Brains by Joe Blades will be a word association performance based on the idea of academic intellectual congestion and notions of attraction and the uncomfortable.

Tempest in a Teapot, an exploration of sexual repression: Under a picture of the Queen, Cynthia Ryder and Shaun Bartone will sip tea while reading passages from banned books.

Simultaneously screened in the adjacent window will be the video, Slut: A Drama in One Word, alternating with found films of tea services from around the world.

Foot Worship by Cynthia Ryder: A study of our obsession with brand, style and the appeal of the shoe. Cynthia will be crafting an altar from her 60+ pairs of shoes and boots.

ArteFacts/x-Colonel Williams by Jo Griffith: The police interrogation of Colonel Williams plays continuously while endless nonsensical flow charts are made to document the absence of reason for the crimes.

Lessons in Loyalty/Confessions by Candace Mooers will be the reading of an S&M script without following any of the emotional cues for audio performance, using a voice mixer and homemade radio transmitter.

Inverse Erotica by Megan MacKay points out the absurdity of assigning roles to costume through fantasy. MacKay adopts the moves of an erotic dancer who puts on clothing until she has become a sexless, amorphous blob of fabric.

Fixation Station by WhiteFeather explores obsessive bodily engagement in the form of oral fixation. WhiteFeather’s performance involves lipstick, watercolour paper and sunflower seeds in the shell.


For more information, call WhiteFeather at 454-6952.

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