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Article 1: How to Eat Pussy.

Hey FQrs: I have asked no less than three people to write a monthly (or more) sex column for FQ. Each one thought about it but eventually failed to produce a single article. (I hope they change their minds after this inaugural effort). So once again, it comes down to Moi. I don’t consider myself to be any sort of expert on sex. And the needle flicks into the “failure” zone on relationships, so don’t ever take my advice on those issues; you have been warned. The authors I asked all were sexperts in their own right, each one having written extensively on sex and relationship issues. Maybe they wanted to get paid; I don’t know. So I’m going at myself. Here’s my first column, and guess what? It doesn’t involve much writing. Because in the world of blogging, the best way to produce an article that will really get some traffic is to “borrow” someone else’s stuff. (Kudos to the Anarcho-Feminist for posting this wonderful sex ed video.) It’s the quick and dirty method, but it works every time. So let’s get right down to it—with a fabulous instructional video, “How to Eat Pussy.” This Sex Ed session with Nina Hartley and Sunny Lane  is so beautiful, so “tasteful”, and so incredibly informative, you will come away knowing how to give a girl the most fabulous oral orgasms you or she have ever experienced. You will be proud of your technique and your girlfriend will follow you around the house with stars in her eyes for days afterwards.

In future columns, I will intrepidly take your queer sex and relationship questions and do my level best to provide my readers with answers and advice. Articles on trans sexuality, BDSM, and safer sex are especially welcome. Send your questions, topic ideas or articles to  Good luck out there, FQrs, have fun and play safe.

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