Alt+<3 Art Market

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(photo by Biff Mitchell)

The Alt+<3[love] Art Market at the Charlotte Street Art Centre was a huge success for the artists and for Fredericton Pride. On Saturday, July 30, over a 100 people went through the art market that featured 24 artists selling their work, a dozen musicians, poets and performers, and representatives from Fredericton Pride and AIDS NB. The event was organized by Amanda Jardine, intern for CSAC, and Debi Skidmore, organizer with Fredericton Pride and QTC. One artist, jewelry designer Cynthia Ryder, said that she sold more of her work at the CSAC Art Market than she has typically at the annual Fredericton Crafts show. The event raised well over $400, between artists donating a portion of their proceeds to Fredericton Pride and donations from the door. Performing poets and musicians included Joe Blades and Hazel Richardson from The Blacktop Motorcycle Gang; poets Amanda Jardine, Debi Menescus, Shaun Bartone; comedian Meg McKay; drummer Nate Miller and guitarists Pam Pachal, Lily Crompton, and Linsay Morgan with Lyne Heche. The Fredericton Pride table featured the “Just Love” CDs and the 2012 Fredericton Pride Calendar, which will also be on sale at the Fredericton Pride Festival on Sunday August 7. Many of the artist that were featured at the Alt+<3 Arts Market will also have tables at the Pride Festival.

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