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Pleasures’n Treasures  By Gene Campbell
Since 1990, X-Citement Video has been located across from Officers Square at 558 Queen Street. The name on the awning, ‘X-Citement Video’, is gone—but don’t be dismayed. The outlet is still there—the name has changed, and so has the staff and business philosophy. Now known as ‘Pleasures and Treasures’, the city’s only ‘adult’ shop, is still affiliated with the same owner out of St. Laurent, Quebec, Alain Elmaleh. He also owns KayTel Video. Along with the name change, this year, there are plans to take a more active role in the community. And there’s a whole new attitude at the local ‘adult’ outlet since Theresa took over as Manager, in February.  “I’m fairly new to the business, but I really enjoy my job,” she said. “I really enjoy meeting, and talking to the people who come in to see us. That is the most important part of my  job.”
Manager Theresa, says “There is no change in our policy, so don’t worry.  Everything is going to be the same.”  She went on to say that there is a chain of ‘Pleasures and Treasures’.  “We have 10 stores in all three cities in New Brunswick—one each in Moncton, Saint John, and the local outlet. We also have stores in Ottawa, B. C., Quebec, as well as Nova  Scotia.” Theresa, who has over 30 years experience in the retail business, has been with the local outlet since October, and it’s Manager since February.
Open Mondays to Wednesdays from 10 to 10; Thursdays to Saturdays from 10 to 11, and Sundays from 11 a.m. ’till 10.  You must be, of course, the Legal Age to enter—18.
‘Pleasures and Treasures’ carries a full range of DVD’s: everything from gay, lesbian, straight, bi-sexual, transgender, she-males, etc.  “We also carry a large selection of Classics”, the Manager said. “We have close to 6,000 movies on hand,” she said, but added, “we no longer deal in VHS tapes.” Movies include everything from orgies, younger women, kink and fetish, foreign, interracial, specialty, big-breast, and a host of other subjects, as well, that we can’t mention here.
Movie prices start as low as $5.00, but, says the Manager, “We have all prices, right up to ‘big-budget’ movies.” She said, that as far as rentals go, their prices can’t be beat.  “It’s only $1.00 to rent a movie for two days, or for only $5.00, you can have five of them for a week.”  She said that they also have a buy-to-trade program. “You can buy a rental movie for $19.95, and you can keep that movie for as long as you want, or you can trade it in, and only pay $7.00 for the new DVD’s.”
As well as movies, the shop also carries a wide array of ‘adult’ toys, as well. They also carry a large selection of lingerie, as well as ‘adult’ magazines. “We  even carry T-shirts, for only $5.99 each,” Theresa said. “We also have lotions, bachelorette novelties, as well as a wide array of fetish toys, as well.  Besides all of this, they also have available such GBLT magazines as GAZE, WAYVES, and OUTLOOKS, as well as a wide variety of ‘adult’ brochures. HERE Magazine is also available.
There is a staff of five women, as well as Manager, Theresa, on hand. “They all have good knowledge of our products,” Theresa said. The Assistant Manager, is Lisa, who has held the position for only about two months  “We prefer to keep our staff private, so first names only!” said the Manager.
“We not only sell all our items to interested people,” said Theresa, but added, “the thing is, we are not just an ‘adult’ store, but we also counsel people on different topics, such as erectile disfunction, diabetes, etc. Even people who have heart problems, receive special advice.”  She added, “I view the business as one where we are here to help people. It’s a good stress-reliever, and we deal in goods that help put a little spark back into some relationships.” She said that she, and her staff, “just want to make people more comfortable when they come into our store.  Because of the nature of the business, many potential customers tend to be a bit leery, and shy.” She said that they get a broad range of people who use their services. “It’s not just young—it’s all ages. We want people to feel comfortable, and at ease, when they come in to see us.  Our girls are here to help in any way they can. My girls are good!”
One attraction at ‘Pleasures and Treasures’, that few people know about, is that they also feature live models in the front window, on most weekends – Thursday through Saturday, from 8 to 11 p.m. “The girls that work here, are the models,” the Manager said. “They more-or-less, model the lingerie that we carry here.”
For the first year ever, ‘Pleasures and Treasures’, is becoming involved in the annual PRIDE celebrations, here in the N. B. capital, being held this year from August 7 to 14. “We are sponsoring one of the PRIDE contests, this year,” the Manager said.  “That is the Costume Contest, and we are looking into other PRIDE activities, as well,” she said.  The Manager said they would also like to display the PRIDE colours, and logos.
For those interested in learning more about ‘Pleasures and Treasures’, they can take advantage of the Web-site – http://www.x-citementvideo  “They have a variety of our products on the site,” said Theresa.  “It also has a lot of information on our products.”  They can also be contacted during regular business hours, by phoning (506) 458-2048, or simply by dropping into the shop to see them in person, at 558 Queen Street, in the City’s down-town core.

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