Call for Artists and Performers

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Do you want to celebrate diversity and end discrimination and stereotyping in our province?

We at the Charlotte Street Arts Centre believe that love should be celebrated regardless of gender or orientation. There are many ways to get involved with the upcoming Alt + ♥ Art Market happening at the Charlotte Street Arts Centre (Auditorium) on July 30, from 1:00-4:00pm in support of Fredericton Pride. In connection with QTC (Queer Theory Collective), the Charlotte Street Arts Centre will be hosting a one day celebration of queer, queer-friendly, and alternatively (un)defined artists, photographers, visual artists, performers, musicians, writers, etc.

Want on the schedule? (copy and paste the info below and send it to by July 15)
Name (as you want it to appear in print):
Detailed description of your art/performance piece (250 word max). Please also attach photos, video clips, and sound files where applicable:
Will you be donating a portion of your earnings to Fredericton Pride? (if so, please indicate how much?):
***DISCLAIMER***: Please note that the Charlotte Street Arts Centre is a family friendly environment. We ask that your contributions at the art market keep in mind the sensitivities of younger audience members.

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