InQueery: Proud of What?

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Every year around this time, you read comments in the press by straight people complaining about Gay Pride. “Why don’t they have a Pride Day for straight people?” they ask in various terms and styles of grammar. Well, guess what, straight folks, you’re in luck! They DO have a Pride for straight people! It’s called Fredericton Pride, and its for everybody. But most especially, Fredericton Pride is for straight people who might be uncomfortable with the [ahem] “gay lifestyle.” So it’s not a Gay Pride, because that would make it about gay people, and that would be so exclusive and mean, and it might even imply something about gay sexuality, which is absolutely taboo in public. No, Fredericton Pride isn’t “just” about gay people. It’s not “limited to” people in the queer community. It’s a generic Pride; it’s about whatever you’re Proud of: proud of your job, proud of your school, proud of your political beliefs, proud of your civic organization, proud of your hockey team proud of your city, proud of your family or nationality, proud of your small business, proud of your fashion sense, proud of the brand of beer you drink. Whatever. Fill in the blank. Most definitely, it’s not about the unique history and culture of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Queer people. It’s not about the oppression of homosexuals or queers, however you refer to them, and our culture of resistance. It’s not about the Stonewall Uprising and the gay liberation movement. It’s not about the oppression and discrimination we face on a daily basis. It’s not about the way we fought back, the way we continue to fight back in large and small ways every day. It’s not about the extraordinary queer culture that we generate everywhere we go. No, it’s a generic _________ [fill in the blank] Pride,with generic fluffy rainbows to make sure we offend no one. The new generic Pride has erased all that LGBTIQ stuff, or at least made it invisible. So go ahead, straight people, have fun on your generic _______ [fill in the blank] Pride. I’m going to the Stonewall March.

Shaun Bartone

Editor, FQ

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