Queers & Disabilities @ QTC

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Maggie Lyons presented a workshop on Queers & Disabilities: Queer Crips at the Qulture Club on Tuesday, June 21 at QTC’s space in the Gallery Connexion, 440 York Street. Gallery Connexion’s space is handicap accessible; wheelchair access is provided to the left side of the building with a ramp into the ground floor space.  Ysabelle Vautor, a representative from DAWN, a national network of disabled women, came to the workshop to hear Maggie speak. Participants discussed aspects of sexual orientation, gender and disability, hidden disabilities, how people assume that persons with disabilities don’t have desires or unique identities. Maggie and participants discussed how persons with disabilities have to cope with ableism in the queer community, and also have to come out as queer in disabilities communities. Maggie Lyons just graduated from UNB Fredericton and is about to start an Interdisciplinary Masters degree at UNB in Disability Studies.

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