QTC: Whips and Chains-Say What?

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On Tuesday, May 3, the Queer Theory Collective held a workshop on BDSM called “QTC with Whips and Chains—Say What?” The presenter, Lady Cynthia, discussed various styles and aspects of “kink” sexuality, how couples negotiates various kinds of kink sex and play, fantasy, fetish and roles. She also discussed the diversity of kink groups and communities within the realm of BDSM/kink. Lady Cynthia talked about negotiation and ongoing consent as absolutely essential for any kind of ethical BDSM/kink play. She talked about the five levels of consent and trust that are characteristic of BDSM/kink relationships. These levels range from non-sexual play with very circumscribed acts in a limited time frame, to ongoing relationships that include kink as well as sexual play, to long-term agreements for Dom “ownership” of a Submissive.

  • Level 1- Conditional Compliance
  • Level 2- Restricted Ongoing Acquiescence
  • Level 3- Provisional Submission
  • Level 4- The Covenant of Dominance and Submission
  • Level 5- Absolute Ownership

The five levels are described in the book “Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns” by Phillip Miller and Molly Devon (1995, Mystic Rose Books).

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