Qulture Shock: Dance Dance Grrl Revolution

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Where was the hottest dance music last weekend? Was it at Nicki Zed’s on Thursday? Nope. Was it at boom! on Friday or Saturday night? Hell no! It was on Sunday night (April 17) and it was on the other end of Queen Street at The Capital.

It was a double bill with two fantastic performances of dance music played live: Jenocide and Ruby Jean and the Thoughtful Bees. Both acts are originally from Halifax and they have been on a spring tour together. Jenocide opened the show with some very hot and sophisticated beats and tunes, all done live from the stage through a series of beat boxes, synths and tone generators hooked though a Mac laptop. She did the entire show solo but it filled The Capital with a stage-full of sound. Jenocide put out a huge amount of energy through her strong-yet-sultry soprano voice and her very sleek body dressed in peek-a-boo black –you couldn’t help but want to dance with her, she was so hot! Jen Clarke is an avid cyclist and lists “late night bike rides” as a main influence on her music. Jen is also an avid feminist, which seeps through her lyrics and stage attitude. She has no qualms about mixing dance, sex and feminism: “People get scared off by the word feminist,” she says. “But I just wanted to create a character that is strong, and not completely alienating. I have a message for those who identify with it, and if you’re about it, that’s awesome.” (from The Coast, 9.29.09). I bought her first full-length CD at the show, “Machines to Make Us Wet” and was thrilled with the quality of the sound production.An aural vibrator that would make anybody wet, you’ll be dancing to selections from Jenocide at the next QTC fundraiser dance on May 27 at the Gallery Connexion.

Ruby Jean and the Thoughtful Bees followed suit with their version of Danse, Danse Resolution (one of their songs). Ruby Jean has a techno-clash style that combines electronica with a live drummer and guitarist, giving it an awesome rock edge that head-bangers and disco-divas alike can rock out to. I’ve heard some weak versions of danceable rock that failed to get my feet moving or my heart pounding, but Ruby Jean and the Bees isn’t one of them. Their dance-rock combination is on par with Metric, one of the best electro-clash bands in the world. And it’s the live performance that really won me over. Rebekah Higgs, aka “Ruby Jean”, has a powerful soprano voice and stage delivery that brings the whole show together. She belts out tunes with incredible force, dubs and loops her own vocals through a vintage Kaos sampling machine, and dances with the audience–a true force of nature. Ruby Jean’s remixes will also be featured at the QTC fundraiser dance on May 27.

Sorry folks, if you weren’t at The Capital on April 17, you missed the best dance show of the year.

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