Meet the People Elections Forum

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“Meet the People” was the theme of the QTC Elections Forum on Tuesday, April 19. To date, it was the only elections forum for the queer community in Fredericton in the federal election. The forum was structured around the topic: “How do you decide which candidate or party you will vote for? What criteria do you use to make that decision?” The forum was structured in such a way that candidates for MP would listen to what members of the queer community have to say on the issues that concern them most, rather than having candidates “talk at” an audience.

Forum participants discussed the pros and cons of strategic voting for opposition parties, such as the Liberals or the NDP, or whether to vote for a party-of-choice, such as the Green Party.

All Parties, their Candidates for MP and representatives were invited to attend the “Meet the People” forum, but only one candidate showed up: Louise Comeau, Green Party. [Photo top: Louise is shown seated to the left with participants at the forum.] She participated by listening, and then shared the process by which she decided to join the Green Party, and then eventually run as a candidate for MP for the Green Party in Fredericton.

Also present at the forum was Matt Hopkins, who lost his bid to be nominated as candidate for the Liberal Party. [Photo lower right.]

Matt participated as a community member, as he could not officially represent the party at the forum.

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