Qulture Shock: John Barton at Travesty

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John Barton, Poet

UPDATE: John Barton, Writer-in Residence at UNB, spent an hour reading from his gay masterworks at Travesty Café on Tuesday. John says of this body of work: “I’ve called this reading Zero to Gay in Sixty Minutes. My set list is composed of gay-themed poems drawn from my nine collections as well as from more recent work, including a few of the poems I’ve written while in Fredericton.”

John read poems from his youth and early years as an established poet which were truly refreshing. As a listener, I heard him read from his later works at the Writer-in Residence presentation in September of 2010, when he began his term at UNB; and I heard him read his earlier works at Travesty Café in March. His more youthful poems have a greater emotional vibrancy than the latter. The poems are more personal and immediate, many of them focusing on his relationships with men that he loved. In particular, he read from a series of poems on the AIDS crisis, which he said, defined most of his adult life as a gay man.

This month’s Travesty Café happens on Tuesday, March 29 from 7-10 PM at the Gallery Connexion, 440 York Street, Fredericton. John will present his poetry from 7:30 to 8:30, followed by our usual open mic session. John Barton’s reading is supported by a grant from the League of Canadian Poets. Coffee and tea will be available, donations are appreciated.

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