Peace Protest at Petals and Promises

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In February, a wedding planner for a lesbian couple contracted with Petals and Promises florist shop in Riverview to make floral arrangements for the wedding. After learning that the floral services were requested for a same-sex wedding, Kim Evans, one of the owners of Petals and Promises, refused to provide floral services for the event. According to the CBC, Evans said in an email, “I am choosing to decline your business. As a born-again Christian, I must respect my conscience before God and have no part in this matter.” The lesbian couple did not wish to be identified.

In response to this incident, a group of gays and lesbians form New Brunswick and Nova Scotia are planning a protest at Petals and Promises florist shop, 39 Glenforest Drive, in Riverview, New Brunswick. The demonstration will take place on Saturday, March 19, from 3 to 6 PM. Protesters are encouraged to bring flowers to lay at the doorstep of the florist shop to make the point that the LGBT community is aware of the illegal actions of the florist in refusing services for a same-sex wedding, yet they are not condemning them for their religious beliefs.

Event planner Meredith Martell explained the reason for the protest in an email forwarded to FQ via Wayves editor Dan McKay:

“There seems to be a common theme running through the bulk of the comments posted on the article, hate. The slander towards the GLBT community is being fought by turning the slander on the religious community. As homophobic as some of the extremists can be, there are alot of religious people who are proud supporters of the gay community. This isn’t the way to fight this battle.

I think that this is fight that cannot be won by retaliating with the same hate and anger that has been shown to us. We need to be the bigger person(s) in this situation.

I am proposing that this Saturday at 3:00 pm, we rally the GLBT community and it’s supporters, we will each bring a flower to the Petals and Promises flower shop, and leave a flower on the doorstep. There will be no negativity, and no hostility. We will give this florist what she was incapable of giving our community, a bit of kindness.

I think this will leave a much greater impression than defaming the character of this woman and those who support her choice.

Let’s show this florist and this city how much love the GLBT community has, and that we will not be brought down by those who aim to steal our pride.”

More information about the protest can be found at the event Facebook page: Peace Protest-Love From Lost Souls

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