Chang Attends Rope Workshop

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Mad McDaniels held the working end of a rope in the air and showed us how to make a bight, or a loop, then a lark’s head hitch, a half-hitch, a clove hitch, an overhand knot, a French whip, a Prusik knot, and a Foole’s knot. Fifteen people in the café at Gallery Connexion worked through the various knots, hitches, and whips until most of us got it right. We practiced tying knots on our wooden rods, on ourselves and on each other. At the end of the two-hour workshop, Mad asked for volunteers and showed us what we could do with the various knots, hitches and whips we had just learned: dragon fly harness, tortoiseshell corset, and braided cuffs. She also showed us how to tie people to objects, such as metal rings or bed posts, and how to tie people to each other. All from a few simple knots.

Among the participants in the workshop was CBC Radio 1 journalist Angela Chang. Before the workshop, Angela had interviewed Shaun Bartone and Debi Menescus about the founding of the Queer Theory Collective in October 2010, and the opening of the QTC Qulture Club in the Gallery Connexion on 4 January 2011. Angela then recorded ambient sounds from the workshop: Mad’s instructions and peals of laughter from the audience as we fumbled through the knots. Angela said that the interview and workshop would be presented as a segment on CBC’s Information Morning, but could not say exactly when it would air. FQ will keep an ear to the radio and let you know when the segment airs on CBC Radio 1.

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