Qulture Shock: Kamalas go Boom!

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Kamalas go Boom! at Qulture Jam

The Kamalas cranked out a whole new vibe at boom! Nightclub on Saturday night. The Kamalas headlined a show of female-fronted punk and rock, a drastic change from the usual soft rock warm up to techno dance formula that dominates Saturday nights at boom! Following the gutsy performance of Audrey and the Agents, with their blend of punk and swamp rock, The Kamalas took it up a notch with their high speed pop punk. The cluster of adoring fans that had gathered at the stage for Audrey and the Agents were now shoving each other around the dance floor. A mosh pit at boom! It was all good fun.

Linsay Morgan set the pace early in the evening with an energetic set of her well-loved songs while the crowd sang the lyrics. Her raspy but melodic voice and strumming was strong though the set, but cut short when she broke a string. “I guess I have to stop now.”

Audrey and the Agents were another big surprise at boom! The band from Halifax is newly formed, but the lead singer Chantal Caissie has been singing as a solo artist for several years. Her dark and full-throated vocal style conjures up Courtney Love and Karen O. With heavy rhythms from the band, the sound is “a love child of David Lynch,” she says.

The three acts donated the proceeds of the evening to the Qulture Club, a project of the Queer Theory Collective. Qulture Club happens every Tuesday evening from 7 to 10 PM at the Gallery Connexion, 440 York Street. The show raised enough to pay three months rent on the space. This Tuesday is film night showing “Better than Chocolate,” the home-grown Vancouver favourite.

The Kamalas and Audrey and the Agents were such a hit that boom! is inviting them back for solo shows in the future.

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