InQueery: Full Speed Ahead, Mr. Sulu

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As I wait for the clock to tick past midnight, I feel a huge sense of anticipation and excitement. I know that in a few hours, life is about to go forward at warp speed. The Queer Theory Collective organized itself in October 2010, and launched FQ on November 1. We set the stage for the Qulture Club to open at Gallery Connexion on Jan. 4, The QTC Qulture Jam on Jan. 8 at boom! will be the featured show of the week in HERE magazine. (Watch for the article this Thursday.) Everything is ready to launch the most amazing cultural shift Fredericton has seen in decades. QTC is like a rocket on a launching pad, and the rocket engines are still warming up, ready for lift off.

QTC is going to start a qultural revolution here in Fredericton. A year from now, we’ll look back and see a whole new scene in Fredericton that wasn’t there before. It will change what it means to be gay in Fredericton, both locally and on a national level. Meanings will shift from ‘invisibly gay’ to ‘visibly queer.’ It will shift from associating gay life with one bar scene to being associated with a city-wide queer arts scene. To be queer in Fredericton will be associated with all the visual and performing arts, films, books, progressive ideas and presentations on every facet of queer life. Being queer in Fredericton will be associated with being cultured and creative.

Our revolution is about free love and freedom of expression, desire and creativity, the brilliance of the body and the fertility of the mind. If it catches on, it will spark other revolutions all over Fredericton and the Province. Finally, something new is happening in New Brunswick. Full speed ahead, Mr. Sulu.

Shaun Bartone, Editor

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