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FQ has a blog roll of queer blogs in New Brunswick and surroundings (bottom right on the sidebar). Check out Grassy Narrows by A Strange Boy from up North; Truths Both Fugitive and Imponderable by Marina in Fredericton; Moncton Magic by Nathaniel. We have from Fredericton as well Pride Diaries by Nikki, Nothing to Hide But Fear by Steph, and Wanderings of a Lapsed Luddite. Rebekah Wheadon from Fredericton has offered her website, R. K. Wheadon, home to her writings, photography, and ponderings. Apparently, Kara, half the team of She B. She, is from Fredericton as well. (See blogroll.)

And we’ve thrown in Small Town Queer, which is actually from Bauline, Newfoundland, but it’s so much like most small town queer life in New Brunswick that we included it here.

UPDATE: Came across an NB blogger named Meaghan, who had a blog called Postcards from Inania. She suspended that blog and started a new uber-cool blog called Sociology of Sex and Sexuality.  (See blogroll.)

If you are a queer blogger and would like your blog to be included on our blog roll, send the link to FQ: frederictonqueery@gmail.com

We are also looking for queer bloggers to publish their posts on FQ. It can be on any topic or musing of your choice. Send the text to FQ: frederictonqueery@gmail.com

If you would like to join our team of regular or occasional contributors who cover stories on the queer scene in the Fredericton area to FQ, just drop us a line at FQ.

Shaun Bartone, Editor

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