InQueery: to Print or not to Print?

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FQ is obviously at the very beginning of its lifespan. We started with no money, a laptop computer, and a wealth of social contacts in Fredericton.

We had thought that we should go to print as soon as possible, in order to compete with Wayves. Wayves is available primarily in print, but is available online only as a PDF. As such, each issue of Wayves is static: they produce one print version per month. The content of each issue is fixed, and that fixed paper version is then uploaded as a fixed PDF. The content is totally static during the month; it only changes month to month with each new print issue.

Wayves has some online content that lists LGBTIQ2S organizations, but even that is fairly static and rarely updated. Only the name and contact info of each organization is listed. But primarily, Wayves is structured around the old print model of journalism, a model that is quickly dying out.

From its inception, FQ has published news and information about the local queer scene continuously. For local queer organizations, FQ provides a link to each group, but also provides a comprehensive running calendar that combines all the events of all the organizations together. Furthemore, that calendar is continuously updated as new information comes in.

We provide continuous coverage of all stories and events concerning the queer scene in Fredericton as they happen. For example, when the Rally to End Gender Violence happened on November 25, I wrote the story right after the Rally ended, and it was uploaded and published that evening. What FQ serves up is fresh, continuously updated news that is really news, not stories about things that happened last month or the month before.

Still, we wrestled with the idea of going to print, if only as a “coffee news” type of one-page brief, something that would drive people toward the internet newsfeed. We wanted to do that, but we couldn’t—we didn’t have the money.

So we struggled with a sense of coming up short in comparison to an older print publication like Wayves. But we underestimated ourselves. While FQ wanted to be like Wayves and put out a paper, Wayves actually wants to be like FQ, and become an online newsfeed that is continuously updated. Wayves has just announced that they are starting a newsfeed service through Facebook, and another through Twitter.

FQ started with a continuously updated calendar on this site, and we have been Twittering all our stories and events from the get go. Our Twitter feed is @fredqueeryCheck out our FQ Facebook Page, give us a thumbs up and share FQ with your friends.

What Wayves has that we don’t have is a larger staff to do more of the work, even the online work, that could be done.

FQ’s advantage is that we have a wealth of live contacts in the Fredericton queer community that provide us with detailed, local and up-to-the-minute information.

FQ wants to expand our links with the LGBTIQ2S organizations that are active in the greater Fredericton area. But we want to link to live organizations, not just names and contact info. FQ will feed your events live also, continuously updated, as they happen. Send contact and event information about your LGBTIQ2S group to

FQ feeds the news to you fresh, daily, as it happens. FQ is the future.

FQ. Fresh. News. Daily.

Shaun Bartone, Editor

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