IQ: QTC Stands with Rayner for Gender-Neutral Washrooms at STU

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The Queer Theory Collective stands with Michelle Rayner and her call for gender-neutral washrooms at St. Thomas University. Rayner entered a women’s washroom in Sir James Dunn Hall. A female student in the washroom assumed she was a male and voiced her discontent with having a “male'” in the washroom. After Rayner explained that she was biologically female, she was queer-bashed. The student verbally assaulted Rayner, calling her a “faggot,” and then punched Rayner in the face, causing her a bloody lip.

Rayner’s response to this incident is to demand that St. Thomas University provide a gender-neurtral “family washroom” in every building on the STU campus. Such a washroom could be used by anyone who felt they needed a gender-neutral bathroom, whether because they are gender variant, have small children, have some sort of disability, or who for any reason, need a single-occupant washroom.

The Queer Theory Collective stands with Rayner and her demand that the college provide a gender-neutral washroom in every building on the campus of St. Thomas University. We pledge to follow her lead for any action that she chooses to take on this issue, knowing that ultimately she is the one who has to live with the repercussions of any action that is taken on her behalf. As this situation evolves, we will work with Rayner to create a place at STU where gender-variant people are treated with respect and have access to the basic facilities that everyone needs.

Shaun Bartone and Debi Menescus, Co-Editors.

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