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BULLYING WORKSHOP    [By Eugene Campbell]

Bullying is a major problem in all parts of Canada, says Rob Frenette, founder of Canada’s first youth-created anti-bullying website, but in a strange twist of events, the 21-year-old advocate who speaks out for youth across the country, has he himself, been accused of harassing and bullying the government.

Frenette spoke at an Anti-Bullying workshop, as part of Fredericton Gay Pride Week back in August.  Held at the Fredericton Public Library, Frenette has been asking the government for Anti-Bullying legislation for some time.  “The government needs to take some action against bullying,” he told an engrossed and involved gathering.  He said that 10,000 signatures over the past year-or-so have been gathered, and went on to say that “support has been received from across the country from just about every Member of Parliament.  Such has been his involvement with government officials, that he himself “has been asked by every political party to run as a candidate.”

He went into some detail his involvement and passion in the campaign.  It is a real problem in schools, he said.  Frenette said if it happens in local schools, as two attending young ladies had said it did, then “the police should be involved because it is a crime.”  He suggested to one of the girls who had encountered the problem, “I would suggest you call the Fredericton Police and have them investigate it.”  He added “if it is a hate crime, which it sounds like to me, it should be brought to the Fredericton Police.”  He said that locally, there are programs in olace, “but whether they are being enforced or not is another thing.”

Frenette went on to say, as far as schools are concerned, “the biggest problem in getting schools on board, is that they won’t admit they have a problem.”  He added that sports locker rooms is yet another problem in the school system.  He said “85 per cent of students have been bullied, and they don’t know how to deal with it.”  Frenette said that in the Fredericton area, “N0w that  bullying legislation is in effect, that basically, how it is handled is up to the principal.”

The Bullying Canada founder said that anti-bullying is something that politicians are jumping board with.  He said he has taken his campaign to all three levels of government, asking for legislation, but added that in the process of his campaign, “I have dealt with threats – death threats, everything you can think of has happened.  The bullying subject has become one big political issue.”

Frenette said that nothing on sexual orientation is discussed in the anti-bullying topic.  “That is something we are working to correct.”  On the topic of male/female, or vice-versa, “nothing like transgender is involved, either,” he said.

December 17 has been declared ‘ANTI-BULLYING DAY’, and Frenette said that in  the Province of New Brunswick, approximately 75 schools are involved.

Frenette can be reached by E-Mailing, Web, Twitter.@BullyingCanada, and Facebook,

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