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FREDERICTON IDOL     [by Eugene Campbell]

As part of Fredericton’s 2010 Gay Pride celebrations, boom! Nightclub hosted the finals in the Fredericton Idol Contest, which had been running throughout the month of July.  Before the contest finals got underway, entertainment was provided by the multi-talented recording artists, ‘TEQUILA MOCKINGBIRD ORCHESTRA’.  It was a packed house!

Come time for the Idol Contest, which had, at that time, been narrowed down to three finalists, Anthony Gray, Kitty Murphy and no-stranger to the Pride Week festivities, Lindsay Morgan Each performer sang to the enthusiastic audience, and judges Tyler Grantor of Capital FM, and Nate Miller of ‘EMANATE 7 Music Productions’, made their decision.  They congratulated all three contestants, adding, “it was a very tough race.”

Winning first place in the contest was Lindsay Morgan.  As I noted, she was no stranger to Pride Week celebrations, having performed several times throughout the week at a wide variety of Pride Week events.  She is one of the contributors to the Pride Week CD, ‘JUST LOVE’.  Second place went to Anthony Gray.  The first-place winner will record a CD through Nate Miller, and the second-place winner also gets to record a number through the music producer.

Entertainment throughout the rest of the Pride Week celebrations, took place at Fredericton’s BOOM! Nightclub.  On August 13, four took to the stage as part of the Pride Fashion Show.  Also, on Friday, August 13, the Pride Drag Show took place before the packed house. 

The contestants came on stage before the audience and ‘did their thing’, and the Pride Drag Person of 2010 was chosen, and crowned by the Reigning Queen, Anita Mann.  Winning was Barb Orit.  Performing also at the show was London A. Cherry.  The show was opened by a couple of lively numbers by the Reigning Queen, Anita Mann.

Throughout all shows, artist Nikki Killjoy was busy providing her very-own style of face-painting to a wide variewty of show-goers.

The NAKED ART SHOW, which was held Sunday, August 15,  was the final event of the Gay Pride celebrations.  Once again, it was staged at boom!, and later travelled to Gallery Connexion for another performance.  As was the case throughout the week-long celebrations, performers took to

the stage in front of a packed, and very enthusiastic audience.

After the NAKED ART SHOW, Co-Chair of the Pride celebrations, Bruce Dionne, called Chair of the Organizing Committee, Debi Skidmore, along with Sarah McAdam, Entertainment Co-ordinator at boom!, to the stage for a special presentation.  He thanked them for their work, stating “they worked real hard this year.  I think we had a fantastic Pride.”  Sarah McAdam, in return, thanked Dionne for his contributions, saying, “Without his work, Pride would have been six months behind schedule.”

Music for the afternoon was provided from the Pride Week CD, ‘JUST LOVE’.

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