AIDS NB: A Busy 25th Year

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AIDS NB     [by Gene Campbell]

If everything falls into place, and plans progress, it promises to be a busy next few months for the Fredericton-based AIDS NB.  Between now and next June, three major events are planned – World AIDS Day on December 1; AIDS NB Red Tie Affair, Saturday, February 26, 2011, and The AIDS NB 25th Anniversary celebrations in June of next year.

Nick Scott, Executive Director of the local AIDS NB office, located at 65 Brunswick Street, in the Victoria Health Centre, said that although not much is being done for the 25th anniversary celebrations yet, as it is still several months away, he did say that it would coincide with the Annual General Meeting in June.

As far as World AIDS Day, coming up on December 1, goes, Scott said, “Every year, we have a breakfast at Government House.  The Lieutenant-Governor, Graydon Nicholas, is our Honorary Patron.”  The by-invitation only event, invites policy-makers to make presentations.  “Hopefully, we will get all the Members of the Legislative Assembly, to wear red ribbons on that day.”

Scott, who has been Executive Director for the past year said that last year, “we gave out safe sex kits down-town.”  He said that they might do the same thing again this year.  “A couple of our volunteers will be dressed up.  One of them will be Captain Condom,” he said.

As far as the Red Tie Affair goes, the Director said that this is the fourth year for the event.  “It began in 2006, and the purpose is to raise funds to pay for the annual ‘People Living With HIV/AIDS forum and gathering in Mactequac.”

He said that this year, the Red Tie Affair will take place at the new Fredericton Convention Centre.  He said this will give people of Fredericton one of their first chances to check-out the newly-constructed building.”  The event will be held in the Ballroom.

Scott said, this years event promises to be a lavish affair, “including wine, dinner and dessert.”  He said that the host for the gathering will be Steve Patterson, a well-known comedian, the host of ‘The Debators’ on CBC Radio, and a regular on ‘Just For Laughs’. He added that Patterson will also be MCing an Anti-Poverty Dinner in Ontario next year.

Well-known Fredericton based rock-group, ‘PRETTY IN PINK’, will be providing the entertainment for the dance, which follows the meal.  “Tickets to the Red Tie Affair are $125,” said Scott.  “That covers everything.”

The Director said that currently, his office is looking for sponsors, adding “we really want to work with a lot of local organizations and companies.  The more sponsors we can get, regardless of the value of their sponsorships, the more support we will get.  All of this is creating a more-supportive environment for people living with HIV/AIDS.”  He said that anyone wishing to become a sponsor, merely get in touch with  You can also get additional information on that event here.”

Scott said that the AIDS NB office is always looking for volunteers.  “We have very few volunteers, right now,” he said.  “We need volunteers.  If you are interested in getting involved, contact, or call us at 459-7518.”

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