Queer History/Herstory Night

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QUEER HISTORY/HERSTORY NIGHT     [by Eugene Campbell]  Long-time cross-dresser, Tony Fitzgerald of Fredericton, was the opening speaker to a full-house of all ages – over 19, of course – at Queer History/Herstory Night, held at boom! Nightclub in downtown Fredericton Fredericton back in August as part of that city’s Gay Pride Week.

Fitzgerald not only spoke of the history of cross-dressing from a religious perspective, but was, at all times, very open, honest, and straight-forward when telling of his struggles throughout-the years, concerning the controversial issue.

“I began as an adolescent,” he said.  “In my case, I knew I was male, and I knew I could never be a woman.  When I cross-dress, I know that I can never experience childbirth, but cross-dressing gives me a sense of completedness.”  He on to say that Canada has made great progress from “the time I was a child, as far as cross-dressing goes.  Thing’s are improving.  I have found people are as pleasant to cross-dressers as they are to other people.”

At times, the speaker was almosat emotional as he spoke.  He went on to thank the Unitarian Fellowship of Fredericton, of which he is a member, for their support, as well as the University of New Brunswick, where he is employed, the gay community, and the City of Fredericton “in its March of Acceptance in coming to where we are this week.”

A good-sized audience sat spell-bound as Fitzgerald spoke on the issue of cross-dressing.  He, at all times, was very honest and open concerning the matter.  When he finished, he was given a lively round of applause by the full-house, and was greeted with hugs, and words of thanks on his way back to his seat.  The next to speak at the event called Fitzgerald “a tough act to follow!”

Queer History/Herstory Night, was just one of the many events taking place at BOOM on downtown Queen Street, the city’s only gay-friendly nightclub, during this year’s first-ever, city-supported, Gay Pride Week, which ran from August 6 to 15.

Editor:  An all-ages Queer History/Herstory session took place at UNB  from 6-8 PM on Tuesday of Pride Week. Some of the speakers were the same as those at boom! and some were different. Speakers at the all ages session at UNB were Karen Pearlston, Tony Fitzgerald, and Richard Blaquiere. Tony and Karen also spoke at the session at boom!, along with Kimmy Murphy.

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