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BOOM!     [by Eugene Campbell]

Boom! Nightclub in downtown Fredericton, is the Capital’s only gay-friendly hang-out. This year, most of the celebrations for Pride Week, held between August 6 and 15, have taken place at the popular spot.  This month marks the sixth anniversary for the club’s operation.

Events taking place at boom! during this year’s first-ever city-backed Pride Week, have included everything from a Kink/Fetish Night on August 9, to a CD Launch get-together and performance, on the 11th. Other events have included Drum and Bass Party, Karaoke Night, Finale of the Fredericton Idol Contest, a Drag Show, Fashion Show, and a Naked Art Show.

Derrick Weeks, Manager of the popular spot said the idea for this year’s involvement in the Pride celebrations “stemmed from, not just say influence, but on overall concept of one love – everyone is equal, celebrating life as it is.”  He said last year’s Pride event was the inaugural first Pride, but added, “this year’s Pride has eclipsed last year’s, and in the future, will just continue to grow.”  He said as long as individuals choose to participate and organize themselves in advance, there will always be a successful Pride.”

“My involvement with Pride this year,” Weeks said, “is to facilitate a safe environment where people can come and be themselves.  Boom! Nightclub is a place where all walks of life are welcome, and the staff that are here working at boom!, play a major role in this year’s Pride committees, which is a seperate entity from boom!, but work hand-in-hand in creating a week-long festival for open-minded individuals.”

He said the nightclub’s involvement in this year’s Pride events “has been a big success, not only for the Club, but also for the people, a success for the committee, and a success for Fredericton.”

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