Q & A: Bear and Furry Get Married

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Q & A: [Debi Menescus queeried Jason McKenzie-Cullins] Q: I’m wondering if one or both of you would be willing to tell us something about what being married means to you, or being gay and being married, for the FQ?

A: Jason McKenzie-Cullins: “I was asked by a really close friend to write how I feel about being a homosexual married man. To that I say thank you because it gives others the comfort in knowing that it can happen and you can be happy. I know even now in this day and age that most would think that it should be easy to come out as a gay man let known get married. They are wrong. For My Husband and I, we have both have been out for a while and yes, our families have come to accept it for the most part. There are a few that are against everything we are. To those people we say, “We do not need you in our lives until you are ready to accept us for who we are.” When Matt and I met a few years ago it was strictly platonic only because he was 16 and I was 29, so of course that was just not the right time for it to happen between us as far as being together in a relationship. Now, to jump ahead three years, we met online again and both of us have never stopped thinking about each other. We went out one weekend in November 2009 and from then on have been together. During this past summer (2010), we were in Toronto for a while and one night while we were lying in bed I had asked Matt to marry me, and of course he said yes without hesitation. We moved home to Fredericton and on October 1st we went to Woodstock to the Court house and got married legally. We have had so many people telling us that they had no idea that it was even legal to get married in New Brunswick as a Gay couple. Well for all that still do not know, it can legally happen. We have rights.

As far as Debi’s question she had asked me about what being married means to me, I love Matthew to death and would not want our lives to be any different then they are right now. I know waking up every day beside the man I love is a blessing that we are able to do it. When we go out in public, we know that there are people that are going to stare but that’s their way of being insecure around someone that they classify as “not normal.” So now I ask, what’s “NORMAL?” For us, normal is like it is for my mom and dad. It’s totally normal for us to go everywhere together, it’s normal for us to go to our daughters school and go to parent teacher meetings. We are truly blessed to have two daughters, one which lives with us, that love us and they call us both Dad. For Matt and I, to have a family that we love and that loves us makes our marriage all worth it. We have a lot of people behind us that would move the earth to help us out.

The other question I was asked was “What does it mean to be gay to me?” Being gay is not a choice and if it was who would decide to be hated and bullied around? Right now, the only bullying that we, as a gay couple are experiencing is what the other kids at our daughters school are saying to her. There has been one parent involved in the bullying which totally surprised us and she told her daughter, who was one of our daughters friends, that because our daughter had two gay dads, she was not to be friends with her. Our daughter told her she didn’t need her as a friend if she couldn’t accept the fact that she has gay dads. We are so proud of her with everything she expresses at school, as well as we are proud of our youngest daughter for dealing with having gay parents and not letting people push her around any.

When it comes down to Matt and I, we decided from the time we started to date until the present day we have never been ashamed of who we are and what we enjoy in life. I, Jason, have interests in Leather and am not embarrassed by it and have even done a photo shoot wearing leather. I have also never been embarrassed about things I may have done in my past that some would say is totally taboo. When it comes to Matt, he is into Furries and has become quite comfortable letting people know about it. Matt and I have also come to the agreement that states, we are both going to get into the fetishes that we each have for each others benefits. With that said, I have started getting into furries more since being with Matt and he in turn has gotten into leather for me. I believe this helps our marriage a lot knowing that we can experience it all together and not alone or for some couples, with others. We have a great life now and for years to come. I am so blessed every day to know that I have a man in my life that loves me for me and I love him for him and neither of us want to change each other.

Life is a blessing when you finally find someone you want to wake up to every morning and go to bed with every night.”

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